Billy Rojack

2020 | Marquette | Seton Hall Prep

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Billy Rojack didn’t have much of a say in his early Marquette fandom.

When your dad is an alum of a school, you’re pretty much locked in to liking that team at first, so Rojack was indoctrinated into a Golden Eagles way of life from an early age.

Instead of seeing his interest wean as the years went on, though, Rojack actually went the other way, and it helped shape his lacrosse recruitment.

“I liked Marquette at first because of my dad, but in the past couple of years, I’ve become an even bigger fan that he is. I’ve just kind of taken to the team and whenever I go to school and talk about Marquette, everyone hates it,” Rojack said with a laugh.

It wasn’t easy for the Leading Edge 2020 and Seton Hall Prep LSM, either. He got close with a few schools, but opted against committing, and he was one of the best uncommitted 2020s in the country when he got an offer to come out to Marquette’s prospect day.

When that opportunity came, he didn’t miss. Rojack ended up committing to the Golden Eagles shortly thereafter, becoming the 19th LE ’20 to commit and the 16th to a Division I school. He’s the fourth Leading Edge product to head to Marquette after ’19 Chris Kirschner (Immaculata), ’16 Dylan Dobrosky (Hunterdon Central) and ’15 Matthew Del Duca (Ramapo).

“It’s pretty amazing to be able to go there and play lacrosse,” Rojack said. “I love that it’s a city school but it doesn’t feel like it once you get on campus. I love that it’s in the Midwest and that it combines great lacrosse with great academics. I also always wanted to go to a Catholic school, and there’s an awesome coaching staff and great people at the school. The process was definitely rough, but Marquette came along late and I got pretty lucky.”

That’s underselling the type of player that the Golden Eagles are getting. The lefty LSM has a penchant for making plays in the middle of the field, and he’s blessed with outstanding stick skills and the ability to push the ball in transition and be a scoring threat. Being a late commit even jives with his prior experiences, where he worked hard to put himself into a position to succeed.

“My whole career’s been rough. I tried out for Leading Edge and got cut my freshman year, then made it the year after. I got cut my sophomore year from Seton Hall Prep varsity, then played in the state championship game the same year. It really drove me to be where I am today,” Rojack said. “I always have a hard time getting to be where I want to be, but once I get there, I tend to stick with it and achieve things.”

That determination and perserverance have defined Rojack, and it speaks volumes to the type of person that he is that he didn’t let early setbacks define him. Since joining Leading Edge, he’s been a playmaking beast between the lines, and there’s little doubt that Marquette got itself a good one.

“Billy took his initial setbacks and used them as fuel to get him to where he wanted to be,” Leading Edge director Chris Roy said. “He worked really hard, and he was very receptive to feedback and tips on how to improve to get there. As soon as he joined the team, you could tell that he had a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and he’s the type of kid that you can’t help but notice because he’s always in the midst of the play finding a way to come away with the ball. It’s absolutely awesome to see him get rewarded for his great play. He’ll do great things at Marquette.”

He’ll be coached there by new head coach Andrew Stimmel and Jake Richard, a Team USA member. By suiting up with Leading Edge, Rojack also knows what it’s like to play at the highest level, and he’ll bring a winning mentality to the Golden Eagles.

“I wouldn’t be as good as I am today without all of those guys,” Rojack said. “I knew what I was walking into at the first practice, but the intensity level was something else. I don’t think there’s ever been a moment where guys aren’t going 100 percent. Everyone wants to win and compete. Coach Roy also transformed me and he’s made me into the player I am. Playing at Leading Edge is like playing in college before you’re in college. I just realized that if I listened to him and do what he says, it will be beyond fine.”

Sure looks that way.